County Antrim
Contae Aontroma
Coontie Antrìm / Countie Antrim
Per angusta ad augusta (Latin)
"Through Trial to Triumph"
100px-Antrim arms.svg
Coat of arms
250px-Island of Ireland location map Antrim.svg
Provinces Ulster
County town Antrim
Area Rank 9th
Population 618,108
Year 2011
Population Rank 2nd

County Antrim (from Irish: Aontroim, meaning "lone ridge", named after its former county town, Antrim) is one of six counties that form Northern Ireland. The county covers an area of 3,046 km², with a population of approximately 616,000.

Most of Belfast is located in this county, but parts of East and South Belfast are in County Down.


The population of County Antrim was 616,384 according to recent census information, making it the most populous county in Northern Ireland.

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