This article is about County Kilkenny. For the city see: Kilkenny.

County Kilkenny
Contae Chill Chainnigh
100px-Kilkenny County Crest.svg
Coat of arms
250px-Island of Ireland location map Kilkenny.svg
County town Kilkenny
Area Rank 16th
Population 95,419
Year 2011
Population Rank 21st
Car plates kk

County Kilkenny (Irish: Contae Chill Chainnigh) is a county in Ireland. According to the 2011 census the population of the county is 95,419.


Kilkenny is the 16th largest of Ireland’s 32 counties in area and the 21st largest in terms of population. It is the third largest of Leinster’s 12 counties in size and seventh largest in terms of population.

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