Dublin West Dáil Éireann constituency

Location of Dublin North–West within County Dublin

Dublin North–West is a parliamentary constituency represented in Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Irish parliament or Oireachtas. The constituency elects 3 deputies (Teachtaí Dála, commonly known as TDs). The method of election is the single transferable vote form of proportional representation (PR-STV).

History and boundaries Edit

It was first created for the 1921 general election, but abolished for the 1923 general election. It was recreated for the 1937 general election when the old Dublin North constituency was divided into Dublin North–West and Dublin North–East. The constituency was briefly abolished in 1977, under the Electoral (Amendment) Act 1974, with most of the constituency going to the new constituency of Dublin Finglas with a smaller but significant portion going to a new Dublin Cabra constituency. Dublin North–West was then re-created in 1981.

It is located in the north-western area of Dublin city. The constituency is overwhelmingly urban and encompasses the Ballymun/Finglas electoral area of Dublin City Council together with the Santry area of Fingal County Council and the area of Whitehall to the west of Swords Road. The constituency gained some extra territory at the 2007 general election. Parts of the Dublin North–Central constituency were moved to this constituency and the Dunsink and Scribblestown areas were moved out of the Dublin West constituency.

The Electoral (Amendment) Act 2009 defines the constituency as:

"In the city of Dublin the electoral divisions of:
Ballygall A, Ballygall B, Ballygall C, Ballygall D, Ballymun A, Ballymun B, Ballymun C, Ballymun D, Ballymun E, Ballymun F, Beaumont A, Finglas North A, Finglas North B, Finglas North C, Finglas South A, Finglas South B, Finglas South C, Finglas South D, Whitehall A, Whitehall B, Whitehall C, Whitehall D;
and, in the county of Fingal,
those parts of the electoral divisions of Airport, Blanchardstown-Abbotstown, Dubber, The Ward and Turnapin situated south of a line drawn along the Northern Cross Route (M50), passing in a clockwise direction around and including roundabout No. 3 at the junction of the Northern Cross Route (M50) with the M1 Motorway."
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