Wexford (Dáil Éireann constituency)

Location of Wexford within Ireland

Wexford is a parliamentary constituency represented in Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Irish parliament or Oireachtas. The constituency elects 5 deputies (Teachtaí Dála, commonly known as TDs). The method of election is the single transferable vote form of proportional representation (PR-STV).

History and boundaries Edit

The constituency was created for the 1921 elections electing 4 deputies. For the 1923 general election, it gained a fifth seat. From 1961, it was reduced to 4 seats and from 1981 it has again elected 5 deputies. It spans the entire area of County Wexford, taking in Wexford, New Ross and Gorey.

The Electoral (Amendment) Act 2009 defines the constituency as:

"The county of Wexford."
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